Taking the next step when online dating | Single girl problems

If taking the step to move away from the dating website and into more personal communication forms is reasonable, when should I do this? Is one week too short? Does the window close and the guy lose interest if it has been too long?

Am I desperate? | Single girl problems

Recently, I asked a friend to give me a bit of feed back on this blog. She read through a few posts (probably not my most humorous) and had some constructive, yet mildly hurtful, feedback- apparently I can come across as desperate. I can kind of see where she is coming from in that I … Continue reading Am I desperate? | Single girl problems

Slut brain makes me mute | Single Girl Problems

You know when you like someone and you act differently around them? When you go the extra mile for them or you stay back late at work with a flimsy excuse so that you can spend extra time with them?

PDA- Public Displays of Affection | Single girl problems

Maybe I have been single for too long, but PDA is something that really gets on my nerves. I mean, do we really have to watch two grown arse adults grope each other in public just because they can? This is literally what happened to me today at the supermarket. I was standing in line … Continue reading PDA- Public Displays of Affection | Single girl problems