The reasons I would make a good girlfriend | Single girl problems

Today, I would like to discuss some of the reasons that I am amazing and the qualities that a man will one day be lucky to experience.

50-something spinster | Single girl problems

I saw my future self the other day. She was a 50-something year old lady who could have easily passed for 60 years old. She stood in line at the post office on a Saturday morning and had an argument with the server about the fact that she had been given a notice to collect a package.

Taking the next step when online dating | Single girl problems

If taking the step to move away from the dating website and into more personal communication forms is reasonable, when should I do this? Is one week too short? Does the window close and the guy lose interest if it has been too long?

Am I desperate? | Single girl problems

Recently, I asked a friend to give me a bit of feed back on this blog. She read through a few posts (probably not my most humorous) and had some constructive, yet mildly hurtful, feedback- apparently I can come across as desperate. I can kind of see where she is coming from in that I … Continue reading Am I desperate? | Single girl problems