Taking the next step when online dating | Single girl problems

If taking the step to move away from the dating website and into more personal communication forms is reasonable, when should I do this? Is one week too short? Does the window close and the guy lose interest if it has been too long?

This is how guys flirt | Reality check

I have conducted some research with help of some awesome women of various relationship status'. I wanted to see if there was some consensus between women as to how they interpret their interactions with men.

I’m a millennial? | When you try to be independent

I had assumed that the 'millennial' definition encapsulated those people 20 years and younger. So you can imagine my shock when I found out that I was part of this newly formed generation.

Michael one | Dating misadventures

Hence, I returned to the wacky world of online dating. I scrolled through and sent a couple of 'Hi [insert name here], how are you? Do you have anything interesting planned for the weekend' messages (because that is honestly my chat up line).