Being a single woman (slash person) can be conflicting in these modern times. Especially when every year that trickles by is accompanied by the ever more sinister tick of your biological clock. We are career women (whatever that means), women with families, women with baggage and for one reason or another we have been unlucky in love.

Single women come in all shapes and sizes and no one situation will be the same between two single women. But join me as I journey through my singledom and hope that one day I will not be Chronically Single. We will learn from mistakes (hopefully) and maybe one day take a chance that will pay off.

Topics  will include, but are not limited to:

  • (Failed) Online dating
  • (Failed) Workplace crushes
  • (Failed) Falling in love with a good friend
  • (Failed) Attempts to be independent

I hope you enjoy the ride!