Day in the life of a single woman | Story Time

I remember having aspirations to make youtube videos a few years ago and I attempted to cover this topic in my first video. Needless to say, I wanted to be too cleaver and not original enough so that aspiration fell by the wayside.

Nevertheless, I think it’s time to finally cover the oh-so-boring topic of what I do during the day.

0630-0710- snooze alarm

0710-0740- wake up panicked because I slept in and then hurriedly prepare for work (ie. shower, dress, make hair look presentable, decide not to put make up on because I don’t have time and make breakfast)

0740-0800- panic about being late while driving/walking to work (the car park is 1km from the workplace, so I arrive looking like a hot mess)

0800-0810- eat breakfast

0810-1200- work while constantly waiting for my lunch break

1200-1315- put off lunch break for an hour so that there is less than three hours left of the work day when I return from lunch

1315-1345- lunch break, catch up on iphone games and instagram

1345-1600- work

1600-1630- leave work late and drive home


Now, you might think that work was the most boring part of my day, but I am a single lady with a cat.

1630-1700- feed cat, tell cat that his is the cutest cat in the world, role-play Lion King presentation of Simba scene

1700-1800- eat, watch youtube and enjoy not being at work

1800-1930- think about cooking dinner but procrastinate more by watching more youtube or netflix and flicking through instagram

1930-2130- cook and eat dinner

2130-2330- continue with craft projects (the current project is my first attempt at quilting)

2330-0030- dawdle my way to bed


Let’s be honest, I know that I’m not the most interesting person in the world. I know that. But right now I get to make all the decisions in my life. If I want to snooze the alarm 5 times before getting up, that’s okay because I’m not disturbing someone else. If I want to eat dinner at 10pm because I got distracted by my procrastination, then that is okay because I only have to feed me (and the cat, but there is no way that he would wait until 10pm for dinner). There are definite positive points about being single, chiefly that you don’t have to consider a partner in your decision-making process. If I want to stay in and learn to quilt, then I can. If I want to spend the night eating ice cream and watching rom-coms with my friends, then I don’t have to ask permission from someone else. Because I am the boss bitch of my own life.

Let’s all be boss bitches.

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