Is it weird to date his brother? | Single girl problems

Following my recent failed attempt at online dating, I decided to pick up where I left off and went back to my dating website. I got frustrated with my lack of success earlier in the year and had let my subscription lapse. Besides, at the time I was investing my attention in a man who would later terribly disappoint me.

So when the relationship ended, it took me a month of man hating before I was ready to move on. Or move backwards in my case. Back to the dating website. I paid a rather hefty subscription, that doesn’t reflect the quality of the men, and I was back on the horse.

To my surprise, M viewed my profile. So I viewed his. But biography sounded interesting and maybe a bit familiar. And then it clicked, I had met this man before. In fact, I had been good friends with his brother in my early twenties. I’d wanted to be more than just friends with his brother for two years of my life.

To be honest, I really liked his brother and I thought that we would have made the perfect couple. And I wasn’t the only person to say that. One of my friends still says that we should have dated. But he never asked and was not the type of person who would have liked me to ask him out.

But I got over him. Or so I thought. Until I Facebook stalked my admirer today and saw a pic of his brother on his Facebook page. I am still very attracted to his brother. Very attracted. And I don’t want some kind of weird situation to develop. Not that the brother would consider dating me. But could it become too weird.

The advice from a work colleague was to keep talking to the guy until things go bad. I know his brother will never date me, so what do I have to lose.

I will keep you posted.

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