Communication | Reality check

I am slightly ashamed to admit that I thought it was a myth that men like to chase women. Or maybe it’s just that no one had chased me before.

Last week, I was reliably informed by a male friend that men really do like to chase women. They like her to be elusive and mysterious. They want to work hard to get her attention, otherwise they don’t respect the relationship. In fact, the guy I was speaking to went so far as to say that he would not go on a date with a girl if she asked him.

I’m sorry to all the guys that didn’t have to chase me. I’m sorry that I tried to make it a courtship of equal effort. I’m sorry that I wasn’t mysterious and instead wanted to tell you about the things I was proud of or the things that made me happy. I’m sorry if you didn’t feel worthy because you didn’t have to fight for my attention.

But I think you should be sorry that you played games. Because all I ever wanted was honesty and trust. And that includes being honest with your feelings and intentions. You should be sorry that your games hurt my feelings and made me doubt how wonderful of a person I am.

Well I don’t play games and I not going to be the mysterious woman that you desire. I’m straight up and down the line. I won’t lie and I won’t pretend to be someone that I’m not.

Maybe one day I will meet a man who appreciates my honest. He won’t need to chase me because he will be a good enough person and will not have to prove to himself that he deserves me. And I will more than deserve him.

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