A boobs guy | Single girl problems

As mentioned in previous blog posts, I have been talking to a guy online for the past 2 months. We seem to get along okay and I’m kind of hoping that our conversations turn into something a bit more.

One such conversation a few weeks ago was a little bit unusual for me. As detailed in Going Crazy Taught Me A Lesson, I was lying on the lounge chair, watching a movie and finishing off a midnight snack. He had been hanging with some friends and admitted that he was a bit tipsy. He accidentally video called me and apologised (video calling is not his thing) but I replied that I would’t have answered anyway because I wasn’t wearing a bra. I never say things like that and I don’t know what possessed me to say it then. I immediately regretted typing that, although the statement was one hundred percent accurate. I told him so and he said that he would probably forget it by morning because he was tipsy and I hoped that he did.

The following morning, the first thing he messaged me was ‘I still remember.”

Since that time, we had been SnapChat-ing and I often send pictures of my cat. Occasionally, I would be holding my cat in the pictures and even more occasionally I would not be wearing a bra in the picture (because who wears a bra every second of the day? And I was at home). I thought that I had done a good job of disguising this fact by being selective with the angle of the shot and having quite a pixelated selfie. I like to pride myself on being quite a modest person and try to cover my (admittedly) quite voluptuous bosom as much as possible. There might have been a sneaky pool selfie with my friend (which I thought was reasonably classy for a swimwear selfie) that was sent during that time. But the purpose of that was to make him think that my vampiric self get more sun than I actually do, and the painful sunburn was sufficient to convince me to not repeat my poolside venture for quite a while.

Fast forward to yesterday and I sent another selfie with my cat to my Snap address book, and not him in particular. You can bet that I was surprised when I received, “Nice to see that you are wearing a bra today,” in reply. I think I just sat on my lounge chair in shock for at least two minutes, repeating “What?!” to my cat (the only one who would listen). The comment was just so left of field that it took me by complete surprise. Was he having a go at me, calling me a slut? Or was he trying to flirt?

I did not like the idea that he thought I was sending provocative pictures via social media, so I replied, “Oh my goodness! I thought that the images were pixelated enough to hide when I did that on occasion.” To which he replied, “I can still tell.” Maybe it was more flirty at this stage, but nonetheless I did not want to be known as the braless girl to his friends. So I replied, “I didn’t mean to come across as immodest. I shall try to be more modest in the future.”

“I don’t mind,” was the reply.

In a panic, I contacted all the other people that I regularly Snap. And they just so happened to be all female. Literally none of them noticed that I wasn’t wearing a bra in those few pictures. And I even sent some of the downloaded pictures to friends without SnapChat and they could not tell that I was not wearing a bra. Jay said that it was a guy thing to notice that about pictures, but I can’t say that I’ve had men blatantly notice my breasts like that before. Maybe I just haven’t noticed or assumed that they would show me the same courtesy that I show when I don’t check out the size of their penis.

So, he is a boobs guy. Which I don’t have a real problem with. But I will have to be careful with the Snaps that I send him in the future.

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