Body image | Reality Check

As mentioned in a previous blog post, I have recently re-discovered an old diary. I thought it would be interesting to go back through it to see how my 8 year old self thought. I realised a few things

One- I was and continue to be a terrible speller

Two- I was bullied a decent amount. And I guess that I had romanticised my ride through primary school.

Three- I have been worried about my weight and appearance since I was nine years old. Nine. I wrote about starting various exercise regimens because I was ‘putting on weight’. Believe me, I was no where near overweight when I was less than 12 years old. I don’t recall anyone explaining to me that during that age, my body gained weight but that it didn’t make me fat. But people made fun of me for my developing breasts and hips. Nowadays, those same people made fun of women with small breasts and hips.

When it comes to physical attractiveness, there is never a consistent standard. Instead, you are never good enough. Your boobs are too big or too small. You are too short or too tall. You have bad teeth or too many teeth. Your face is too round or too long. Your eye brows are too thick or too thin. You will never be good enough for modern beauty ideals and you will physically and mentally torture yourself trying to achieve them.

We hand people magazines at every stage of their life- kids, adolescents and adults. Each one has a picture of a beautiful, clean skinned celebrity or model. And by doing so, we have literally told them that they need to look like that cover picture. But they never will thanks to make up, picture editing and plastic surgery. We never say that her crooked nose is okay or that a woman’s post breast feeding breasts are beautiful. Instead we show them pictures of people who have artificially achieved ‘perfection’ through one or more methods.

Well, I am here to tell you that you are perfect. You are how you are meant to be. Sure, throw on some make up to smooth out your wrinkles or even out your skin, but know that you are beautiful without make up. You can wear high heels but being shorter is okay too. But you should never feel inferior enough to have a permanent surgical solution. You are one of a kind, unique and more amazing than you realise. It is the media and those who believe in their impossible beauty standards who are wrong.

Love yourself, and if you don’t, then I hope that you learn to love yourself.

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