A quick (bad) love story- part 1

Meet Sam, a 30 year old man on an online dating website. He was brand new to the site and had no information in his profile.

Sam messaged an amazing woman (me) with a simple ‘Hi’. He received a ‘Hi’ back but proceeded to give out his phone number and requested that they go straight from introductions to text messaging. “Hello?”

The woman was a bit concerned about this request and was quite uncomfortable about it. And what was the hello about? They had only been messaging for an hour or so and it wasn’t like they had started a new conversation. Maybe it was a mistake.

So the woman explained that she felt uncomfortable and requested that they continued to talk online. Sam said he preferred to text message but agreed to continue talking online.

The woman read this last message as she was climbing into bed for the night. It was 11pm.

“I’m waiting for your reply,” was what she awoke to.

This second reply was too much for the woman. She did not need some stranger to demand her attention every second of the day from an online dating website. Especially after less than 12 hours of interaction. So she replied, “I think we want different things from this website so I don’t think we should talk again”. Then she blocked him.

How would you respond to a similar situation?

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