Gullible | Single girl problems

I literally never know when men are flirting with me. Unless they then go on to ask me out repeatedly and I finally work out what is going on (like when I was in high school). In fact, I am one of those horrible people who constantly misinterprets men being nice to me as potential flirting. I guess it is my disgusting lack of experience with men and the lack of father figure to educate me on ‘boy talk’.

You see, I have never really had male friends and my only real experience is watching men flirt with other women. I’m really good at working that out. But when it comes to myself, I don’t know which end is up and then I just quash my suspicions and put it all down to being nice. Why on earth would any man flirt with me?

When I was 20, I had such an incident. There was a guy that was doing some spiritual work at my college and was there all the time. He worked in a group of 5 people and took a particular interest to me. In hindsight, they each gave special attention to various people so it was not out of the ordinary. But I had lost a lot of weight and was feeling better about myself, so maybe it was possible that he could be interested.

In particular, I recall an incident when I was at their house doing some craft when he started telling me stories. Now, I am quite gullible so I believed the various things he was telling me. He said that his father introduced the Beatles members at a railway station as he had gone to school with them. I was not sceptical enough to think to google the facts he was feeding me. And he then went on to tell me that he was good friends with a famous pop star. I briefly questioned him but then everyone at the table joined in the story and then I was convinced.

So I called my sister who was a fan of the singer to tell her that I knew someone who knew the singer. What about that for six degrees of separation.

I have not heard anything to the contrary in regards to the stories that I was told, but over time I have realised that I was spun a lot of rubbish. But that is a bad habit that I have learned from my mother- I take people at face value. I believe people when they tell me things about themselves. I believe that they might be truly interested in me. I believe that they are sincere in the things they say.

I understand that this was a joke. However, it does not take away the fact that I am gullible and tend to misinterpret actions. I don’t know how to fix that. I think that having more experience will help me to know the difference between genuine and misleading actions/facts. I just need to find some experiences. Any ideas?

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