Disappointment | Story time

I was going through an old diary and found some poetry that I had attempted a fair few years ago. I think it was just after I had my heart broken for the umpteenth time so it is a little on the depressing side but not all together horrible.


I have hope in my heart, for something to look forward to

But somewhere deep down, I know that this won’t come true.

I had hope in my heart, for a time when we could be

I had hope in my heart, that you were right for me.


We would laugh and smile and share all our cares.

We would share our secrets and fears and talk anywhere

And we’d talk like old friends, with always something to say.

You’d say “I love you” and hold me tight all the day.


We’d plan our futures and children and house and more

We’d plan to follow the winding path that God has in store.

Though there may have been hard times, rough and steep,

Together we’d get through it, all the odds we would beat.


And at the end, when all life was said and done,

We would still be there, each other’s only one.

Though children had left home and our faces old

Though we’re tired, worn out and our bones feel the cold,

We’d be there, you and me, our hearts still on fire

Like on day one, still burning with passion and desire.


But, alas, that has gone, my hope blown away,

False hope, they said, not permitted to stay.

And the bitter disappointment that I feel to my core

Is because I was naive to hope for something more.


For I was shown a sample of a love that is to come,

But it was snatched away before I could taste some.

Oh, love why do you taunt me, dancing in my face?

Yet you take off like a bullet, leaving at such a pace.


But in truth you never loved me, it was only ever in my mind.

This truth I do not want, this truth is not kind.

The truth is that it was always her, I stood no chance in love,

The truth is that I need no other love, than that one that comes from above.

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