My life insurance policy | Reality check

It is a growing concern of mine that I am not planning well for my future. And I’m not talking about superannuation, life insurance, total and permanent disability and death insurance. I’m talking about my retirement and end of life plan.

More often than not I identify with that elderly patient who has no family of their own because they just didn’t find the right person and settle down and have kids. So they find themselves in hospital because they’ve had a fall or they are just no longer able to look after themselves. They may have a friend or two who pop in from time to time but have their own health conditions to worry about. And then there is the close but  also distant nephew/niece who has been running errands but has their own life and children/grandchildren to deal with. Parents are gone and sometimes siblings too (something I refuse to think about) and all you have is a photo album and the story of how the love of your life got away.

Sure, I can pre plan my desire for a nursing home and how I want to be treated when I become unwell but it does not take away the loneliness. And I expect that the loneliness I sometimes feel  in my mid twenties will be nothing compared to that of an 85 year old lying in a hospital bed while I await death in a nursing home. My preoccupation with work will mean nothing in my eighties and I will probably regret many opportunities that have passed me by.

So I need a Quality of Life insurance. A husband and children will love me in my twenties and eighties and will hopefully care for me in my old age. One of my greatest fears is that I will end up a lonely, old spinster while everyone around me has somebody or at least knows how to love.

But while I sign up for better life insurance, I cannot guarantee a Quality of Life insurance. Even if I do get married, and heaven knows that I’m not counting on that, then I cannot guarantee that I won’t get divorced and that my kids won’t hate me. If I am blessed with my own little family, then I’m going to have to invest in my insurance. I will love them with all my heart. I will give them a loving and secure home. I will support their eduction and help them to achieve their dreams.  And maybe, just maybe there will be a support network around me who will care if I am sick or need a lift to the bank.

But to all my single friends- if it so happens that you never find your ‘one’ then I will be there for you. We can be those old ladies that live on cruise ships.

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