I’m cursed when it comes to men | Single girl problems

I think I am cursed when it comes to men. Two weeks ago I found out that the guy I had been flirting with on and off again for the last 6 months has become engaged. He was single when he left town a month ago or at least was still flirting with me at this time.

Granted, I decided a long time ago that I would never date this particular man because he persisted in stuffing around a few too many times. But the fact that he was still flirting with me a few weeks ago makes me question his character even more. If I’d have let him come over that night would things have been different?

I think this curse has been present since birth. In theory, I’ve been ready to date since I was 18 (lets face it, 16 year old girls are not particularly mature). But the douche bags have been in abundance.

The priest-trainee – who broke my heart the day he announced that he wanted to be a priest. But who am I to say, “Choose me over God.”

The soldier – who I was never good enough for but would probably still date to my own detriment.

The lawyer- who liked to flirt even though he was just about to start a relationship with another woman.

The intern – who flirted, stuffed me around on multiple occasions and then got engaged two weeks later.


As I said, unlucky in love. All I can hope is that the next adventure is much more successful

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