Don’t flirt if you are taken | Single girl problems

I may have mentioned before that I cannot stand when taken people pretend that they are available. It infuriates the hell out of me.

If you are about to make a commitment (be it making your relationship official or getting married), then you should not be playing the field. Full stop. When you commit to a relationship then you know that you should not be seeking other options. If you want to do so then you should get out of your current relationship. It is just not fair for the person left behind.

And sure, I realise that not a lot of women have the same moral compass as me. There will definitely be women (and men) who will flirt back without regard for the person who will get hurt. They may even instigate the flirting.

Maybe that is why taken women dislike single women. My mum always said that I should not talk to a married man without his wife present because she will assume that I want something more than friendship. Now, this is not true in all circumstances, but it definitely explains the territorial handholding or kiss that women do when they see me talking to their husbands. Believe me, your husbands are safe because I could never do that to another person (or myself).

So tonight when a recently engaged friend texted to say that he was engaged, I was happy for him but didn’t hold much of a conversation. What would his fiancĂ© think of us texting at 11pm at night? Then when he Facebook messaged me an hour later to tell me that his fiancĂ© was going to make brownies and that if they weren’t as good as mine then he would have to choose between his heart and his stomach, I knew that I had to put a stop to it. So I sent him a copy of my recipe and told him that now he doesn’t have to choose. Then I quickly changed the subject to my new kitten

I’m not saying that everyone who flirts strays but I am not participating in either.

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