I’m big on breasts | Reality Check

Breasts. Boobs. Bosoms. Chesticles. I’m a little insecure when it comes to them. Adults find them attractive. Babies suckle at them. And they can really get in the way at the gym.

This morning, I was working with a busty nurse with an odd posture. She seemed to be throwing her chest out and arching her back weirdly. Something about her presentation did not seem ‘natural’. And so I found myself wondering if she’d had breast augmentation. In fact, I spent half the day wondering if she had fake boobs.

Unfortunately, I can be a little judgmental when it comes to the chesticle area. I know it is my own insecurity, but I feel that one of the few things I have going for myself is my large bosom. And I feel that surgically enhanced breasts are cheating. Whether we like it or not, looks do impact on the opportunities that we are presented with in life (good or bad) and faking some volume in those fat sacks does not seem the best way to influence this.

Many women have gone under the knife to alter the appearance of their breasts- bigger, smaller, fuller, rounder. Maybe she was blessed with naturally small breasts or they ‘had the guts sucked out of them by breast feeding’ (to quote my mum). That is you and you are perfect. And we forget to tell women this. We forget to say that it is okay to be smaller or to hang lower. And to those mothers who breast fed- thank you! Your body is beautiful and was so strong that it sustained a human being.

And having larger boobs is no picnic. There is the very real back pain. And I’m not going to lie, sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and feel frustrated that the sacks of fat on my chest have gone up a size again. Just as the back fat, bum fat and belly fat grows, so does the breast fat.

But the story doesn’t end there. I was faced with a mastectomy for our afternoon case. I had spent the morning judging someone for potentially having breast augmentation surgery while another women was facing breast cancer for the second time. Every day there are thousands of people diagnosed with breast cancer who don’t have a choice about surgery because it could literally mean life or death. Their new priority is survival not aesthetics.

As I watched, her breast was removed and placed in a pathology bag. When all was said and done it looked just like any other tissue. It was pink with blood vessels and nerves and was covered by skin. So why do we put so much emphasis on how it looks under clothing?

You can argue for or against breast augmentation but in the end you just have to do what makes you happy. Society is great at telling us what is beautiful and what is not and your perception of yourself will always be skewed by some subtle brainwashing. But know this- I will try my hardest to never again judge a woman by the size or augmentation of her breasts. I encourage you to do the same.

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