PDA- Public Displays of Affection | Single girl problems

Maybe I have been single for too long, but PDA is something that really gets on my nerves.

I mean, do we really have to watch two grown arse adults grope each other in public just because they can? This is literally what happened to me today at the supermarket. I was standing in line at the deli waiting to get some chicken breast when a man decided that he wanted a little arse over breast. That’s right, he reached down and gave his girlfriend’s butt a good massage for nearly a minute. Then she turned around to take her chicken from the server and they were gone.

One question- why?

Why did you feel the need to playfully grab your girlfriend’s arse in the middle of a packed shopping centre? Was it the thrill of having strangers watch? Were you trying to validate your relationship by proving to the world that you are so in love that you would grope each other in public? Or was it a warning to the other men that she was your woman, your property and that they should keep away?

Because that is how I see PDA, as a way of proving a point. It’s not about saying ‘I love you’ to your partner. It’s about showing off your partner. And sure, there may be times when such PDA is acceptable- like at the beach, at a party with friends or in the darkness of a cinema- but the deli line at a supermarket is not the place.

Call me a prude, but hand holding is the only acceptable form of PDA for such situations. At the shopping centre, walking into work, taking the kids to the park, I encourage you to hold hands. In fact, my 80 year old grandparents still hold hands and I think it is the sweetest thing. I hope that one day I am in a relationship where my boyfriend/ husband will hold my hand in public  (and various other chivalrous actions but that is a story for another time). But unless I am having a cramp in a gluteal muscle then butt squeezing anywhere outside of the front door will be strictly out of bounds.

What do you think about PDA?

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