Online dating – Justin | Dating Misadventures

According to my email, someone called Justin had replied to my interview questions. Okay. His answers weren’t anything to write home about. And I was busy, so in the end I didn’t reply to his responses.

Fast forward three months and I had finally signed up again for my online dating account. And honestly, there were not that many new profiles to look at. So I went to my messages and saw the interview responses from Justin. Would he still reply to me after so much time? I needn’t have worried because Justin replied a few hours later. And that was our pattern, replying to each other after a few hours or sometimes even less.

Justin wasn’t really my type (although I can’t really say that I have a type). He was a tech head and a bit of a nerd if I can be so bold as to judge him that way. But he seemed a really nice guy. In fact, we had a long conversation lasting a few weeks. He was amazing with his quick replies and once daily he would ask how my day had been.

I enjoyed conversing with Justin. He seemed so passionate about his faith and his family and it was refreshing for a change. But alas it did not last. After a few weeks he simply stopped replying. I tried double messaging him and decided to stop pushing after the third occasion. I left him for a few weeks before sending a final message. I told him that I had enjoyed speaking to him but that I had gotten his hint. I wished him luck in finding love and I sincerely hope he finds it.

There was a final message from Justin after another week saying that he had been busy at work but I had moved on. Honestly, I was concentrating on something in real life (see The Lawyer) but I was truly disappointed that it did not work out with Justin.

So Justin, if by a miracle you read this, I wish you all the happiness in the world and I hope you find the special lady that you deserve.

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