The Lawyer | Dating Misadventures

A few months ago I was in a really good place. I was working away from home but was really enjoying the time out of town and the people I worked with. I had just started going to the gym and I was feeling a little more confident about my physical appearance. And to be honest, that was helped along by the discovery of a bra that gave me amazing shape in any shirt.

And then I met the lawyer.

I had heard a little bit about him from one of my best friends and he sounded good on paper. It was definitely not a ‘love at first glance‘ moment when I first met him but I did want to get to know him better. And as luck would have it, we were both volunteering at an event a few weeks later. He made an effort to come over and ask if I was okay with my task and it felt like he was seeking me out in the kitchen. He offered to teach me how to make cocktails and encouraged me to do things other than my allocated task. I felt that we had a bit of a connection and that he was flirting with me just a little. And although you could argue that he was just being friendly, my suspicions were confirmed by our good mutual friend.

Fast forward a few weeks and we found ourselves in a similar volunteering situation. He may have been a bit stand off-ish at the beginning but definitely warmed up throughout the night. He asked to look at photos of a cake that I had made and then asked to look at other ‘interesting’ photos on my phone. He started to tease me about a story I had told him and this time his interactions could not be mistaken as friendly. He was definitely flirting.

I can’t lie, my good friend was very excited that he was interested and offered to set us up on a date (which I gladly accepted). A week then two went by and I had not heard anything. So I pushed a bit and then got the dreaded phone call- he was interested in someone else. Of course. Story of my life.

I was upset, but not particularly about him. I’d had this feeling that a relationship was just around the corner for me. I was in a good place in myself and was at a point that I wanted someone else to experience my awesomeness. Alas, it was not meant to be.

It’s taken a few days to get over the loss of hope in a relationship. But in the end, hope in love is all we have. And, of course, if the lawyer and his love interest work out then I hope that he doesn’t continue to flirt with other unsuspecting women.

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