Topless in public | Story time

“Hi, how are you?

Pop your stuff on the chair,

Take your clothes off,

There’s a G-string over there.”


But I couldn’t do that,

My butt cheeks exposed!

And my breasts swinging freely.

That’s not how it goes.


But I climbed on the bed,

With my nickers on tight,

My butt cheeks were covered,

My breasts out of sight.


In the day spa, I was,

But it felt like the street.

A stranger beside me,

Only covered by a sheet.


The massage was good

My muscles were soothed

Too soon it was over,

To replace clothes removed.


I think you can guess that I am not particularly comfortable with nudity. With myself or with others. But I decided to take that in my stride yesterday and tried to work on my fear in a controlled environment. With professionals.

And my therapist was very professional and made me feel very comfortable despite my aversion to having less than 2 layers of clothing on (normally I sit somewhere between 3 and 4 layers of clothing despite living in 30 + degree temperatures). Despite that, I was very thankful for the towel that covered all but one limb of my body at all times.

As the verse states, I was very pleased with my first spa experience and I felt very relaxed at the conclusion. I’d recommend the experience to anyone who is looking to relax or relieve their tired muscles. My only hesitation is that I didn’t end up with a material object after spending so much money. But as a friend said to me, “It’s like going out and eating a good meal.”

Let me know if you’ve been to a day spa and how you dealt with being nude in front of a stranger.

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