Nudie Neighbour

I have a nudie neighbour

She likes to stand undressed

At the bedroom window

It makes me feel distressed.


For if it were reversed,

My breasts for all to see,

Her boyfriend would be mesmerised

By my bra cup sized E.


And surely there are rules

When neighbours are so close

Your boyfriend will not look at me

If I do not act gross.


Nudity between a loving couple

Is perfectly fine by me

But close the bedroom curtains

So I don’t have to see.


I guess this post is a little bit of a rant about hipocrisy within couples. I literally have a neighbour who likes to get dressed by her study window. And the couple knows very well that their study looks directly into my living room (in fact, I caught him having a gander just the other day- but I was fully dressed).

Granted, I have never actually spoken to this couple, but I feel like there is an unspoken double standard there. If the situation was reversed and I was the one walking around in the raw then I’d bet my bottom dollar that their curtains would be closed whenever she was home. Why is it okay for her, as part of a couple, to behave this way but my single self would be criticised for such actions?

But then again, if it was her hot boyfriend that walked around naked would I still have the same objections? (FYI, he isn’t that hot).

Double standards, hey.

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